Simple one-pull action will twist wire up to 0.060 gauge. Strand won’t unravel. Hardened and tempered. Measures 9″ overall length.

Use Wire Twisting Pliers to twist together multiple wires or joined ends of a single looped piece of wire. The pliers’ twirling action twists the wires tightly together so they won’t unravel. Used in jewelry making to form decorative wire and in the automotive, motorcycle and aviation fields to twist safety wire to prevent fasteners from vibrating loose.

Using wire twisting pliers is a simple one-person operation that eliminates the hand and wrist pain sustained when twisting with common manual tools, and the need for power tools required to twist wire mechanically.

See “Video” tab above for a quick demonstration.


Shayna demonstrates our Wire Twisting Pliers using 3 strands of copper wire. She starts off slowly so that hand coordination can be seen clearly. With just a little practice, you can get very fast. Wires should be held taut during the process with one end in a clamp or vise and the other end locked into the pliers. Wire twisted in this manner will not unravel when removed from the pliers.

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