4″ diameter Wire Texturing Wheels for your buffing motor. Whether you want a fine satin finish, a coarse textured surface or something in between, Gesswein Texturing Wheels have got it covered. Five different wheels with your choice of wire diameter give you the exact finish you’re looking for. The look is similar to sandblasting but without the gritty mess and without the chore of changing sand in the blaster. You don’t even have to get up from the bench.

These Unmounted Texturing Wheels can be used on a tapered spindle on your polishing motor. Steel wires are firmly attached to the plastic hub. A bench top dust collector or gold saving box is strongly recommended to collect your gold for refining. Wheels are color-coded for easy selection. Wear safety goggles (face shield and finger guards also recommended).

Wheels measure 100mm wide (including wires) x 25mm high and come in 5 different color-coded wire diameters.


Finish Color Wire Diameter
Coarse Gray 0.7mm
Medium Green 0.6mm
Med-Fine Blue 0.45mm
Fine Red 0.3mm
Extra-Fine Yellow 0.2mm
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