The ideal set for polishing gold and silver, especially today’s popular precious metal charms, charm bracelets, and beads. Set includes:

  • Rotary Tumbler with Barrel
  • 2.25 lbs. of Stainless Steel Shot in a mixture of shapes to polish both highly detailed and plain surfaces
  • Burnishing Compound #44S


  1. Be sure shot is clean by following “Shot Cleaning Instructions” below.
  2. Add shot to barrel and cover with cool tap water to a level about 1″ over the top of the shot.
  3. Add 2 capfuls of Burnishing Compound #44S.
  4. Tighten lid onto barrel.
  5. Place barrel on Tumbler base.
  6. Plug in the tumbler and let it run for about 20-30 minutes. The tumbler will turn the barrel. Inside the barrel, the top layer of shot slides down as the barrel turns. The sliding action burnishes the jewelry to a bright shiny finish. It’s how professional jewelry manufacturers polish jewelry!

To store the shot in between uses, simply pour off the water, rinse the shot thoroughly and put it back in the barrel. Replace the lid. 

Shot Cleaning Instructions: Although stainless steel shot does not rust, it does attract dirt and grime from the jewelry which turns the shot gray which will turn gray any jewelry tumbled in it. So before you use your tumbler, make sure the shot is absolutely clean. To clean the shot before each use, you’ll use Coca-Cola®. Open a can or bottle and let it sit for a little while to eliminate some of the carbonation. Add the Coke to the shot to a level of about 1″ over the top of the shot. (Do not add water.) Tighten the lid in place and run the barrel for about 15 minutes. Then pour out the Coke and rinse the shot thoroughly. Now the shot is clean and you can add your jewelry and follow the polishing instructions outlined above.

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