Acid based plating solution plates a very dark gray (anthracite) color, almost black. Can be used alone or as a contrast color on both yellow and white metals.

For bath plating only, cannot be used for pen plating.

4 oz. bottle has 100 ml of solution containing 2 grams of Ruthenium. To make a 1 liter bath, stir contents of bottle into 800 ml deionized water.

Umicore Black Ruthenium 475 is strongly recommended to be plated over an undercoat of 18k for proper adhesion. When plating over non-precious metals, plate the item with gold prior to using Black Ruthenium.


Anode: Platinized Titanium
Beaker Type: Acid-resistant plastic (polypropylene) required
Temperature: 65° C (150° F)
Max. Thickness: 0.3 microns
Hardness: 750 – 850 HV
Corrosion Resistance: Good
Tarnish Resistance: Good
Lightness (CIE-Lab): 50
Wear Resistance: Good
Ventilation: Required
Post Treatment: Distilled water rinse followed by sodium hydroxide rinse to prevent spots and brownish or bluish film on the parts. An alkaline cleaner such as Supra Galvex may be used instead of sodium hydroxide.
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