The Multi-Function Ultramax™ MF TOUCH gives you the versatility of ultrasonic and mechanical polishing in one!

Incorporates touch screen control of operation and read out. Polishes slots, ribs, and intricate details with ease. Short stroke and fast reciprocation provide total control over the most demanding polishing tasks. Special control functions make any finish possible, letting you polish right up to a wall or finish to an edge. Ultramax™ MF TOUCH handles even the toughest metals, including tungsten carbide and titanium. Everything from milled surfaces to rough EDM surfaces can be polished to a mirror finish. Use all grades of finishing stones, sintered, resin, and plated diamond tools, as well as ceramic stones, and metallic & nonmetallic lapping tools with diamond compounds.

The MF TOUCH utilizes a high-efficiency microprocessor to deliver power to ultrasonic, brushless DC, and brush-type DC handpieces. Includes an ultrasonic handpiece with 36W of continuously variable power for precision reciprocating action. Also includes the Gesswein BH-60 a 230 watt, 50,000rpm brushless micromotor handpiece as well as the Z-2X reciprocating handpiece a 30V DC air-cooled motor with sealed bearings.  The MF TOUCH can also operate any of the other Gesswein PowerHand rotary, side-to-side, or belt sander handpieces (all sold separately).

Our 3-1 package also includes a sturdy, powder-coated steel cabinet with 2 ample sized storage drawers and holders for all 3 included handpieces. Keeps you organized and your handpieces within easy reach.

Complete 3-in-1 Package Includes:

  • MF TOUCH Controller
  • MF Ultrasonic Handpiece
  • BH-60 Rotary Handpiece
  • Recipro Z-2X Profiler Handpiece
  • 3-in-1 MF TOUCH Cabinet
  • Variable speed foot rheostat
  • Handpiece rest, 3mm round tool holder, 1mm & 3mm flat clamp tool holders and tool changing wrenches


Adjustable Operating Frequency:


Stroke Amplitude:

3-40 Microns

Max. Power Consumption:

300 watts

Overload Indicator:


Max. Output Power:


Output DC Rotary Tool:

5-32V DC, Max. 180 W

Output DC Brushless Tool:

1,000-50,000 rpm, Max. 250 W


90-240VAC 50/60Hz


3A 20mm time-lag

Controller Dimensions:

6.75″W x 9.5″D x 5.5″H

Controller Net Weight:

5.5 lbs.


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