Small Mold Ring: 30mm high wall x 100mm diameter.

Divider for Small Mold Ring: Divides Small Mold Ring to save investment when casting just one wax model.

Large Mold Ring: 60mm high wall x 100mm diameter.

Mold Base: Fits both sizes of mold rings.

Wax Sprue Discs: Package of 25 sprue discs, the perfect shape for horizontal spruing. Fits the Ti-Research Mold Base.

Crucibles: For silver, gold, platinum, stainless steel and any metal that can be cast centrifugally in normal atmosphere. Available in 3 sizes: 150g, 250g and 450g. Each size sold in a package of 5.

Fleece Liner: For lining mold rings. Available in 2 widths: 25mm and 55mm. Both are sold in 40 meter (120 feet) rolls.

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