This patented automatic hand-wash sink solves the problem of precious metal recovery from your workshop’s soapy water. Goldwasher’s special system recovers metal through inexpensive cartridge filters which can be easily replaced and burned. 

A powerful 110V, 500W motor pumps water through the system at a rate of 30 liters per minute (much faster than other models on the market today). The perfectly watertight covered tank and Goldwasher’s quick filtering provide the added benefit of eliminating liquid stagnation and its accompanying odors.

The Goldwasher is built entirely of stainless steel and corrosion-resistant material. Chrome-plated taps for hot and cold water. All models feature an indicator gauge for filter replacement.

Note: All taps are double – hot & cold. Comes with 1 filter cartridge installed.


Model Dimensions Net Weight Ship Weight
1-Tap 19-3/4″L x 18-1/2″W x 43-1/4″H 90 lbs. 140 lbs.
2-Tap 34-3/4″L x 18-1/2″W x 43-1/4″H 123 lbs. 172 lbs.
4-Tap 50″L x 18-1/2″W x 49-1/4″H 172 lbs. 227 lbs.
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