A handy instrument that instantly verifies the authenticity of diamonds based on their thermal properties. Powered by 3 AAA alkaline batteries (PDMT-A) or by an inset rechargeable battery with AC Adaptor included (PDMT-C).
Adaptor Included.

Features :
– Retractable thermoelectric probe tip for enhanced accuracy that ensures constant pressure between probe and gemstone
– Industry’s thinnest probe tip (0.6mm) for testing diamonds as small as 0.02ct
– Metal alert buzzer to ensure that probe tip is in contact with stone during testing
– No waiting time between tests
– Clear and easy-to-read LED display
– Rechargeable batteries
– Low battery indicator
– Low battery consumption

Benefits :
– Verifies authenticity of diamonds instantly
– Tests both polished and unpolished gemstones
– Tests diamonds as small as 0.02ct
– Consistent and reliable results every time
– No waiting time between tests
– Clear and visible display for ease of reading measurements
– Simple and easy to use
– Light and portable for convenience
– Comes with protective carrying case

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