TENARIS PRO (1 liter bottle) represents the new borderline in the field of anti-tarnish solutions for silver, gold, brass and bronze. TENARIS PRO effectively protects items against tarnish due to a superior surface protection. Internal laboratory tests observed that silver pieces treated with TENARIS PRO do not tarnish when exposed to hydrogen sulfide vapors for more than 65 hours.  (Replaces previous product 210-1360)

TENARIS PRO is easy and fast to use since it doesn’t require any specific equipment for plating.

Possesses low resistance to wearing and scratching. It is therefore particularly recommended for the protection of finished pieces during storage in the display case, safe, and shop window.

  • Works by dipping. No plating equipment is required.
  • Easy to use.
  • Does not interact with the substrate.
  • Possesses low toxicity and is not dangerous to the environment (does not contain chromium.)
  • Can be easily removed from the surface.

Sold in 1 liter bottles.


PDF Download: Tenaris Pro Instructions

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