Taumac introduces the new TauWeld manual welding system, with double built-in Vision system, Microscope and camera. The system guarantees images of excellent quality and maintains fundamental characteristics such as compactness, reliability and high performance.

An appealing aesthetic appearance combined with a practical user interface and with varying REAL powers from 100 to 200J can satisfy every type of customer, from the dental technician to the goldsmith.

This product is further evidence of Taumac’s ability to maintain a leading position on the market providing machines and quality systems with the mostadvanced technology available.


  • Convenient man-machine interface with 5.7″ color touch-screen display, for quick access to working parameters and easy management of options
  • 32 memory cells to save job settings
  • Powerful and silent hydraulic cooling circuit designed to support high duty cycles
  • An USB pen drive allows saving the working parameters and upgrading the software
  • 5 pre-set waveforms (pulse shaping) to achieve high welding quality on all types of alloys
  • Argon gas supply directed on the welding surface and coaxial to the spot with post-gas and pre-gas control
  • LED lighting system in the room
  • Motorized laser support table

Technical Features

MODEL 100 S                                    125 S                                    200S
POWER SUPPLY Single phase ~115-230 VAC±10%, 50/60Hz, 16 A
CRYSTAL TYPE 6.3mm Nd:YAG                 7mm Nd:YAG                 7mm Nd:YAG
IMPULSE POWER AND DURABILITY 100J a 20mS                    125J at 25mS                200J at 20mS
POWER OF PEAK 4.8 kW                             5 kW                             9.5 kW
MEDIUM POWER 55 W                                60 W                             80 W
WELDING SPOT DIMENSION From 0.3 to 1.5 mm (spot 0.15 mm upon request)
COMMAND ACCESS TFT external display 5.7 “color touch-screen and internal joystick
STEREO-MICROSCOPE 45 ° with 10X magnification and pointing cross (Leica)
WEIGHT 40 kg
DIMENSIONS (LXPXA) 58 x 80 x 55 cm
COOLING TYPE Forced air with fan speed control, liquid 1lt and radiator
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