Stay sharper, leave a better finish and have less chipping and breakage. Sub-micron size grain contains more cobalt than standard carbide tools, giving 70% greater strength. Can last up to 5 times longer than standard carbide tools. Superior performance and wear resistance make these blanks and cutters ideal for tool steel, stainless steel, Inconel, and other high-temperature materials. 

For use with pantograph and duplicating machines. Centerless ground. 

Require diamond wheel, such as our Diamond Grinding Wheels, to shape or sharpen.


Overall Tolerance: +0.0000 – 0.0005″
Split Tolerance: +0.000 – 0.001″
Hardness: 91.3 Rc
Density: 14.55 grams per cu. cm
Transverse Rupture Strength: 400,000 PSI
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