Available in Round, Half-Round, Square, Oval and Specialty shapes. Economical durable steel drawplates for reducing wire diameter with plenty of holes to make drawing down gradual and easy. Made in Italy.

Anneal wire occasionally to keep soft and use bees wax or Gesswein Lube-Stik as a lubricant.


Style Wire Shape Hole Sizes # of Holes
Round 1 Round 6 to 3mm 31
Round 2 Round 3 to 0.5mm 31
Round 3 Round 2 to 0.3mm 31
Half-Round Half-Round 3 to 1mm 20
Square Square 3 to 1mm 20
Oval Oval 3 to 1mm 20
Star 8-Point Star 6 to 3mm 31
Heart Heart 3 to 1mm 20
Butterfly Kidney 9 to 6mm 31
Multiform Round, Square,
and Half-Round
3.5 to 1mm 60*
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