The SmartPro Air Do X system combines a micromotor and a pneumatic engraver with a built-in compressor, making the system ideal for stone setting, engraving, drilling, polishing, buffing and lapping. This compact unit saves space on your bench and eliminates the need for an external compressor. The Air Do X has a digital LED display function for easy tool selection and is complete with overload protection and an automatic emergency stop for your safety.  Advanced adjustment speed controls allow you to achieve high precision with ease. This two-in-one system is affordable, compact, reliable, and ultra-durable – allowing you to unleash your inner creativity.     Made in Thailand.


  • Two in One – Engraver and Micromotor – Saves Bench Space
  • Precise Pneumatic System with Internal Pump (Compressor)
  • 35,000rpm Micro-Motor for Drilling, Polishing & General Bench Work
  • Engraving with Powerful Strokes from 240 up to 8,000 SPM
  • Easy-to-Read Digital LED Display for speed control and tool selection
  • Achieve High Precision with adjustable hand and foot switch control
  • Overload and Safety Protection




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