Effective and safe, the Deluxe Junior Steamer complies with the latest ASME safety code. This heavy-duty unit is made of the toughest materials in order to withstand constant use and easy to install with no plumbing required. This model is a manual-feed machine and operates on plain ordinary tap water making it ideal for retail jewelry stores!  That means more amounts of steam before having to add more water.   Its compact tabletop construction boasts a 40% greater effective capacity than similar units on the market and best of all, it’s built to last and endure years of use!  A High-Limit Pressure Control Switch regulates heat and pressure automatically. It’s more reliable than a thermostat and is a safety requirement mandated by ASME CSD-1. An Operating Pressure Control Switch allows the user to adjust output pressure as desired. An automatic cutoff shuts the unit down if the water level drops below the heating element. The glass sight gauge is easily accessible. For those who want better control of the steam output, an optional Mobile Steam Jet Gun assembly (853-7070) is available for this model.  Now you can steam-clean your jewelry without getting up from your bench. Our Mobile Steam Jet fits easily onto our Deluxe Junior Steamer so you can have portable steam where and when you need it. Mobile Steam Jet is a trigger-operated gun on 7 feet of sturdy flexible hose. Includes T-fitting for mounting into steam line of Junior Steamer. Gun and stationary nozzle can be operated simultaneously.  One-year limited warranty.  Made in USA.

• Up to 40% more effective capacity than other units.
• No plumbing required.
• Air-operated foot switch for safe operation in wet environment.
• UL and CSA approved.
• Meets ASME CSD-1.
• Built in accordance with ASME boiler & pressure vessel code and bears the National Board Stamp.
• Safety relief valve.
• Easily accessible sight gauge with clear protective cover.
• Low Water Cutoff with Reset Switch.
• Steam Pressure Gauge.
• Blow-down drain valve (lockable).
• Water-fill funnel and valve.
• Fast-heat element.

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