Drilling holes in pearls, stones and beads can present several challenges, mainly when it comes to fixing them in place. This drill press meets those challenges head-on to help save precious time and create a perfect hole. Features a unique adjustable holding jig for securing multiple sizes of pearls and beads (up to 21mm diameter), ensuring you get straight, properly sized holes each and every time. Requires #30 handpiece and flex shaft (not included)


  • Double-loop holder for securing your #30 handpiece.
  • Brass cup jaws for easy and stable mounting of pearls, stones and beads up to 21 mm diameter.
  • 180° rotating jaw table for preventing hole misalignment when drilling from the opposite side.
  • Water holding post for cooling items while drilling. Allows use of diamond drill bits.
  • Advancing lever for moving items securely into drill.
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