Our two most popular Norton hand pads are sold individually (as well as by the box).

Choose from:

  • Maroon (Very Fine): General purpose aluminum oxide, for light deburring and scratch finishing.
  • Gray (Ultra-Fine): Silicon carbide, for light cosmetic cleaning and finishing.

About Bear-Tex

Bear-Tex consists of a non-woven web of nylon fibers impregnated throughout with abrasive grain and bonded with synthetic resins. This design produces a cushioned, three dimensional material that is extremely pliable and long lasting. The uniform dispersion of abrasive throughout the web provides a continuous supply of new grain as the old grain and fibers wear away during use.

Bear-Tex products, with their open mesh construction, are waterproof, washable, resilient, conformable, non-loading, nonconductive, non-metallic and non-rusting. Bear-Tex wheels are easily pre-formed to conform to special-shaped work pieces.

Since Bear-Tex products are designed for use where stock removal is not required, they begin where other abrasives leave off. The relatively non-aggressive nature of nylon and grit inherent in the Bear-Tex material makes it ideal as a finishing tool. While 60 to 80 grit are considered intermediate sizes in other products, they are considered coarse for Bear-Tex items.

Used wet or dry, Bear-Tex offers the following advantages: controlled cut (with little or no stock removal) allows for increased productivity, consistent, uniform finish, ability to automate operations, minimized smearing and reduced operator training. These advantages make Bear-Tex products an excellent alternative to bristle brushes, set-up wheels, greaseless compounds and steel wool.

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