Exceptional comfort in a tough synthetic glove. NeoPro EC offers the barrier protection of a synthetic with the comfort, fit and feel of natural rubber latex. Offers 90% more puncture resistance than natural rubber latex. Resists a broad range of chemicals. Ideal for rhodium plating, electrocleaning and most other plating operations.

Textured fingertips provide a more secure grip. Extended, beaded cuff guards against splashes and spills. Made of polychloroprene, the generic name for neoprene. Ambidextrous. Powder-free and polymer-coated for easy donning.

Length: 300mm (11.8″). Thicknesses: 8.3mil finger, 6.3mil palm, 4.7mil cuff.

Available in Small, Medium, and Large sizes. Sold in dispenser box of 50.

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