Micro-Mesh’s unique cushion design allows its abrasive crystals to recede into resilient backing and “float” to an even cutting plane. Micro-Mesh follows the contours of your work evenly and won’t gouge or create new planes or contours. Micro-Mesh is perfect for refinishing steel tools and removing light scratches. Restores rolling mill rollers to like-new condition. Grits up to and including 600 are silicon carbide; 800 and higher grits are aluminum oxide.

Effective on all metals: gold, silver, platinum, even steel. Leaves a smoother, finer finish than expected. A 400 grit Micro-Mesh will cut like a 400 grit but leave a 800-1,000 grit finish.

Can be used dry or wet. Dry, it will outlast common abrasives 5-7 times. Using oil or water will increase its life 7-15 times.

Available in 12″ x 12″ (in 3 grits from 100 to 150).

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