This Jewelry Magnifier/Loupe is an Excellent Gemological tool in hand to examine intricate details in diamonds and gemstones, minute details in stamps, coins or jewelry or any other work that requires magnification to identify and view details. It can be used by professionals alike.

Features :
– 10x-14x-20x – With Triple lense magnification to meet various magnification requirements. It also comes equip with a dual bright LED light and UV Light
– Hobbying – Favorite tools for hobbyist who are interested in – geology, horticulture, rock collecting, electronics repair, antique collecting, gemology, and other hobbies.
– Clear Image – With High Definition and coated lens provide clear and crisp image
– UV + LED Light – You can see in the dark or in insuficient light conditions with the help of LED Light. And UV light works as a counterfeit detector for currencies, credit cards, travelers cheque etc.

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