Ready-to-use palladium plating bath especially designed for flash plating. Features highly compact consistency and resistance of the galvanic layer, making it particularly suitable for pre-rhodium treatment on low-karat gold and silver articles. Also serves as a tough barrier against diffusion of gold deposits on copper and copper alloys. 

Ideal for use as an intermediate layer between rhodium and white gold, reducing the possibility that scratches and abrasions of the rhodium-plated layer will affect the alloy underneath-very important to prevent release onto skin of white gold alloys containing nickel.

  • 2g/L concentration
  • Room-temperature plating – no heater required
  • Premixed solution – UPS shippable, no hazardous shipping charge
  • Requires platinum clad anode
  • Cyanide-free
  • Nontoxic and noncorrosive
  • Neutral pH
  • Volume 1 Liter

Download Specifications: PD2 Technical Data Sheet


Instructions for Legor PD2 Palladium Plating Solution

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