Product Description:

It is designed for the use of 2 torches at the same time, you may also use just 1 torch if desired. The MODEL L/80 is ideal for working in pairs or conveying the whole power of the machine into a single (1) torch.

We frequently recommend this unit, for its flexibility and versatility, for a variety of additional features
and benefits, just by adding a small amount to the cost of the previous model.

Further benefits may be ignored at first, but soon several qualities of the machine will be appreciated like:

  1. Power can be doubled (like two L/45 working together).
  2. You can have 2 simultaneous workers.
  3. You can obtain a larger flame with a bigger needle either with the standard torch or with the special torch (by the use of an adaptor).
  4. The needle gauge gives ​a ​better visual display.
  5. There are 3 safety systems in place: a Flame ​Arrester, a Pressure switch (max.) and a Safety Cap.
  6. It offers more possibilities for BRAZING and WELDING at various sizes from very light to larger items​ up to 20 grams in weight.
  7. Prior to delivery, we carry out a FULL-3-DAY quality control on all of our mixed gas systems. Such a high standard control guarantees that our machines are ready to go, avoiding any technical issues when they get started.​
  8. With Max power, using One Outlet, you can perform a CAST of 12 grams of precious metals, in just 2 minutes.​ (There are 2 outlets and this provides additional flexibility).
  9. Compared to the Model 45, with the Model L80, you can perform a larger variety of jewelry objects​ such as: chains, retipping prongs, resize rings, anneal larger flat metal plates.​
  10. We would also like to remind our potential customers, that the MODEL L/80, with its very low initial purchase cost, is usually one of the best choices since it also contains many user variables, that at first may not be as noticeable, but that all our users are glad to have as time passes by. The purchase of model L/80 is even more affordable if we take into consideration what it offers.

ATTENTION: We recommend to our customers to purchase the YEARLY MAINTENANCE KIT. This operation MUST be performed once per year.

The yearly upgrade of our systems, through the implementation of the Yearly Maintenance Kit, will keep our machine functioning at peak performance, maintain efficiency and reliability for approximately 10 years.

Included accessories:
  • Standard Torch
  • Check Valve
  • Fireproof Plastic Hose
  • Nozzles
  • Magnetic stainless steel SPECIAL TORCH HOLDER
  • Torch holder for standard torch
  • SPECIAL TORCH with shut-off valve and BACK FLAME ARRESTER

Technical features

Gas Mixed Gas
Gas Production 80 Lt/h
Demineralized Water consumption 41 cc / h
Alcohol consumption 15 cc / h
Booster Tank capacity 225 cc
Max power Watt 590 (220/230 V.)
Electrolytic solution quantity 1 lt (0,264 US gal)
Dimensions 38,5 x 28,5 x 36 cm (L x P x H )
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