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Intercept® anti tarnish tabs (1/2” X 1/2”) are the perfectly safe and economical way to protect silver, gold, and other metals used in jewelry and electronics from tarnish and corrosion during shipping and storage, without scratching (non-abrasive). They will not harm any metals or gemstones even when in direct contact (including opals, emeralds, amber, or pearls). Simply place the tabs into your jewelry boxes, pouches, or other areas and let them do the work! The tabs are also anti-static, providing protection from ESD (electro static discharge) which makes them perfect for protecting electronics!

The tabs are designed using a revolutionary, break-through technology which reacts with and permanently neutralizes the gases that cause unsightly tarnish. They do NOT emit corrosive gases like competitive charcoal paper strips and poly strips. Tabs are VCI’s (volatile corrosion inhibitors), and are volatile free, leaving NO contamination. Best of all, they are hypo-allergenic. When tabs begin to change color, that means it is time for them to be replaced. Please note that only physical or chemical cleaning can remove tarnish and oxidation that has already started. The use of Intercept® tabs helps PREVENT tarnish, not remove it.

The anti-tarnish tabs will provide protection for your valuables for up to 12+ months of continuous use when stored in a sealed container. It is advised that one (1) 1/2″ x 1/2″ tab should be, under normal conditions, sufficient to provide protection for the inside of a container that measures 12 cubic inches (to calculate cubic inches, multiply length x width x depth). Intercept® technology is available in Tabs (1” X 1”) and Strips (2″ X 7″) in different package sizes. See related products below. Made in USA.

The Intercept® Technology Difference

It has come to our attention that there are tabs coming into the market promising protection, but are not the typical dark brown, rounded cornered Intercept® Technology anti-tarnish poly tabs. There are real differences between the two. Examples of the major differences are outlined below:

1. Effective Temperature Range

Intercept® is tested by the US Army and others to be effective at -42oF to 160oF (-41 to 71oC).

Other tabs (a volatile protection based material) effective at 55oF to 85oF (13 to 29oC).

2. Life Span and Shelf Life

Intercept® poly tabs tested and approved by German Automotive for up to 10 year shelf life and a 12 month active life.

Other poly tabs have an active life up to 2 months and a shelf life of 4 to 6 months from the time they are manufactured.

3. Chemicals

Intercept® tabs are not VCI’s (volatile corrosion inhibitors), they are volatile free, leave NO contamination and are hypo-allergenic.

Other tabs use volatile chemistry that can cause contact dermatitis in people and can leave an organic coating on jewelry, which can cause irritation.

4. Legislation

Intercept® is compliant with ALL current US and European environmental regulations.

Other tabs were tested, 23 of 23 volatile materials tested in Germany failed TRGS-615 for above legal limits of Nitrites, materials known to form nitrosamines.

5. US Military Testing / Independent Lab Testing

Intercept® outperformed all competitive materials (US Army – TACOM).

6. Limitations of volatile protective film (per mil spec DLAM 4145.2, Vol. 1/TM 38-230-1/ AFP 71-15)

Intercept® is not a volatile so none of the limitations apply.

Other poly tabs (VCI’s) are volatile protective systems, limitations do apply:

–  VCI materials will not protect all metals from corrosion; in fact, they appear to increase the rate of corrosion in certain metals.

–  VCI materials are affected by heat and light – they decompose if exposed to direct sunlight.

–  They lose their effectiveness as temperatures increase.

–  All cases direct contact of VCI with non-ferrous metals (non-iron or steel) should be avoided.

7. Humidity Intercept® works on reacting away corrosive gases, so impact of humidity is negligible.

Other tabs work on coating all metal surfaces with a thin chemical layer to try to keep humidity away; humidity will shorten their expected life.

8. Silver / Gold / Jewelry Metals / Precious metals

Intercept® protects all metals (ferrous and non-ferrous). Intercept® was designed by Bell Labs specifically to protect silver, copper, gold, etc.

Other tabs were designed to protect iron and steel (which Intercept® does better at).

9. Odors

Intercept® being volatile, chemical and VOC free are also odor free.

Other tabs have a distinctive smell and feel.


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