The ultra-modern IPS (Intelligent Plating System) Plus from PEPETOOLS™ is one of the most state of the art and intuitive system on the market today. The IPS Plus, available in both 10A and 25A, is a user friendly, “one button” system that is fully programmable. During a plating process, your work piece may accidentally touch the anode thus causing a short and would normally shut down the system, but not with the IPS Plus! Plating is bypassed until the short is eliminated and will self-restore and continue working with the preset values entered. Optional Two (2) internal counters provide an important measuring function that allows user to properly maintain plating bath, regulate the thickness of the plating and also calculate the amount of material being used. Just set the values you require and Press the Start button…it’s that easy! IPS Plus will turn on and turn off at the pre-set time! The fully programmable IPS Plus offers the best solution for electroforming.  Should you want to incorporate a programmable heater function then the PEPETOOLS™ IPS Pro is the item you need (see related products below). The sequential (staged) process provides an environment for a properly controlled crystal growth and the necessary density of the deposits – both factors contribute to a perfect shiny non-pitted finish. Included with this kit is the IPS Plus Control Unit, Power Cord and Set of Lead Wires.  Warranty 6 months.


  • Ability to set plating voltage and amperage
  • Ability to set plating time (1 second to 9 hours and 59 seconds)
  • Reverse polarity time
  • Integrated Amp hour counter
  • Storage space for (5) individual programs. Each storage can store parameters such as:
    1. Plating Time
    2. Reverse Polarity Time
    3. Current Voltage
    4. Current Amperage
    5. Start Delay
    6. Current Voltage
  • Sequential Programming that allows in order to run larger plating operations



Input Power: 110V, 6A / 220V, 3A, 50/60Hz
Output Power: 10A (12V) or 25A (12V)
Operating Temperature: +40°F – +104°F (+5°C – + 40°C)
Dimension (W x H xD): 4” X 6” X 10” (100 X 150 X 260mm)
Weight: 5lbs. (2.3kg)
Warranty 6 months
Made In: USA
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