Test gold with assurance — in the shop or on buying trips. Small enough to fit in a pocket or attache case for on-the-spot testing in the field.

While supplies last. All sales are final. No returns or exchanges.


Gold Testers are not returnable once used.

It takes only 4 seconds to determine gold values from 6 to 18K with G-XL-18 (no longer available). Will indicate “Not Gold” if the metal is plated or gold filled and indicate “Platinum” if pure platinum. The G-XL-24 PRO will test 6 to 24K yellow, white or red gold.

An electrochemical reaction with the piece being tested is accurate to ± half-karat and will display a reading only to the nearest karat. Either instrument is to be used as a first tool for indicating karat content and is not a substitute for fire assaying.

Each operates on two 9V batteries (included).

Comes with 1 tube of Gel.  Gel refills are available and should be kept refrigerated until ready to use. Gel is not interchangeable between the two models, please order carefully.  (GXL-18 Gel is off-white in color, GXL-24 PRO Gel is pink.)


Model Tests for:
GXL-24 PRO 6 to 24K yellow, white, red and green gold
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