The low-cost, high-quality Diamond Wheels eliminate heat buildup in gravers and tools, last for years and stay flat for accuracy. Produce a fine, dependable finish. Excellent for sharpening carbide, cobalt and standard steel tools. Available in three grits. Measure 5″ diameter with 1/2″ arbor hole.

The solid Ceramic Lap produces a mirror finish on gravers and tools, resulting in beautiful, bright cuts on the workpiece. Measures 6″ diameter with 1/2″ arbor hole. Must be periodically charged with Diamond Spray Compound which contains finely ground 0.5 micron synthetic diamond. Ceramic Lap can be used with Quick-Change Wheel Conversion Set.

The Cast Iron Lap is a precision-ground lap, made from superior cast iron, and provides a long-lasting finish on tools. Even the latest high-tech abrasive materials cannot match the finish. Both sides are prepared for sharpening to double the life of the lap. For use with tool steel, high-speed steel, or hardened carbon steel. Use dry with 1/2 micron diamond powder (856-0272) or wet with 1 Micron Diamond Spray (856-0260) one or the other is recommended. Size: 6″ / 150 mm with 1/2 arbor hole. Can be used with the Quick-change Wheel Conversion.

A handy wheel storage rack protects your wheels when not in use.



Description Application
260 Wheel Coarse, 260 grit. Use for roughing.
600 Wheel General purpose. Provides balance between metal removal & good surface finish. 600 grit.
1200 Wheel Fine finish for use after 600 wheel. 1200 grit.
Ceramic Lap Use with Diamond Spray (below) for final high-shine finish.
Diamond Spray Contains finely ground 0.5 micron synthetic diamond. Use with Ceramic or Cast Iron Laps for final high-shine polishing. 2 fluid ounces.
Cast Iron Lap This precision-ground, two sided cast iron lap. Use dry with diamond powder or wet with diamond and spray
Diamond Powder Using GRS ½ Micron Diamond Powder on a ceramic or cast iron lap will give you superior polishing results when sharpening gravers. For use with Ceramic Lap (#856-0258) or Cast Iron Lap (#856-0272). Comes in 5ct bottle. Made in USA.
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