The industry’s most reliable digital gauge that measures gemstone dimensions with direct conversion to carat weight for round brilliant-cut diamonds.

Features :
– Measures from 0.0 to 25.0mm
– Accuracy: 0.01mm / Tolerance: 0.02mm
– Direct digital millimeter/carat readout
– Touch button zeroing that allows the convenience of resetting to zero at any measurement point
– Smooth slider mechanism
– Low battery consumption
– Portable and lightweight
– Attachment for high-setting jewelry provided as accessory
– Presidium Gemstone Weight Estimation Table provided
– Compact protective case included with auto-magnetic power off when placed in carrying case

Benefit :
– Instantly converts millimeter readings to carats for round brilliant-cut gemstones
– Measures gemstone dimensions with accuracy to 0.01mm
– Clear and visible digital display with readings in mm or ct
– Light and portable instrument that can be used anywhere

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