An advanced intelligent digital gauge that measures gemstone dimensions up to 1/100mm and can estimate gemstone weight and identify for 9 different cuts.

Features :
– Measures from 0.0 to 25.0mm
– Accuracy: 0.01mm / Tolerance: 0.02mm
– Digital mm/ct display
– Automatically shut off when idle for 10 minutes
– Auto-magnetic shut-off when placed in carrying case
– Computer interface display with USB (Universal Serial Bus) connectivity
– Attachment for high setting jewellery provided
– Specific Gravity (S.G.) dictionary for quick and easy reference included

Benefit :
– Can be used to give direct carat conversion on different types of gemstones of a range of 9 different popular cuts
– Direct carat conversion for round brilliant-cut diamonds
– No need for dismounting of the gemstone to weigh its carat weight
– Measures actual gemstone dimensions and estimates gemstone weight and identity
– Able to estimate identity of 74 different gemstones
– Accurate measurement to 2 decimal places/0.01mm
– Clear and visible display for ease of reading measurements
– Light and portable instrument that can be used anywhere
– PC connectivity for ease of importing and printing measurement results

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