Flexible Blue Flakes: Extremely flexible plastic-like injection wax. Developed for the caster who needs a wax to reproduce sharp detail. Reproduces fine details and will not break upon removal from the mold. Clean-melting and leaves no sediment in the pot. Tough and flexible with long shelf life. Injection temperature: 155° F (68°C).  This is the 50 lb. box.
Freeman now sells their superior waxes, previously marketed under the Kerr brand from 1987 to 2004, under their own brand. Feature the exact same formulations, colors and flake shapes that were offered by Kerr for years. Renowned for their high pattern detail, rapid solidification, minimal shrinkage, excellent flow and low ash content (.003%). Allow the cleanest burnouts and most accurate reproductions possible. Designed for platinum, gold and silver, as well as industrial and dental alloys. For quotes on larger quantities of 50 lb. boxes, please contact us.
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