The Power Graver is a flexible shaft machine specifically designed for hammering and power engraving. It uses standard gravers to give you the feel of hand engraving, but with less effort and fatigue. Stone setters will have the power they need for bezel and channel setting, raising beads, turning prongs and chasing. Two year warranty on motor and control.

For Setting and Engraving

Power Graver includes:

1) The Power Graver Motor is designed for high torque/low speed applications with permanently lubricated ball bearings for quiet trouble-free performance. The smooth running, permanent magnet motor comes equipped with a standard length key-tip shaft, an extra-flexible neoprene sheath and 6′ log power cord. (This motor can also be used with other standard hammer handpieces.)

2) The 9D Handpiece works and feels like a hand engraving tool with the added advantage of greater control and the ability to adjust the impact force. This handpiece has a special quick-disconnect that fits ONLY the Power Graver motor sheath. Comes with 1/16″, 3/32″, 3mm and 1/8″ collets.

3) The Dial Speed Control is used to vary and set speed from off to 2,800 RPM.

4) The On/Off Foot Switch – Momentary On control allows you to turn the motor on and off without using the manual switch.

Also includes:
5) 32-minute instructional DVD
6) Carbide Stylus
7) Anvil Point
8) Set of 4 Gravers: #51 Round, #3 Onglette (point), #2 Bevel, #40 Flat
9) Flexible Shaft Grease
10) Handpiece Oil

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