– Velvet Jewelry Displays: Each of the pad contains 100 slots to store and display your rings, earrings, brooches, and other jewelry conveniently.
– Easily insert these trays in your jewelry box or showcase to make customized storage
– Versatile: Organize jewelry at home or display it elegantly to offer customers at a store. The velvet covered foam provides a luxurious look for the best presentation. Display your jewelry in a beautiful and elegant manner
– Easily Insert Jewellery: The velvet materials offer a nice and soft cushion for accessories to be inserted and easily removed.
– It protects your precious jewlery from all possible damage or abrasion
– Organize and Classify All Jewelries: With five displays, you can organize your jewelry to easily access them when you need them.
– These jewelry holders are stackable for easy storage, so you can store them on your dressers or in your drawers

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