The revolutionary heat-activated ceramic spray coating. Combines a scale preventer and a high-performance non-fluorinated flux (for both hard and soft solder) in one formula designed for no-acid cleanup in warm water. Leading jewelers and jewelry manufacturers have switched from boric acid, paste flux and pickle solution to Firescoff® because it’s faster, provides more gemstone protection and cleans up easier.

Firescoff is alcohol- and fluoride-free, offering a real safety improvement over traditional methods. Available in convenient 1 oz. and 4.25 oz. spray bottles and 34oz. refill bottle. The 1 oz. size protects approx. 60-75 rings.

  • Prevents scaling of metal alloys, including gold, stainless steel, copper and silver.
  • Performs better than boric acid, Batterns flux and paste flux.
  • Provides stray heat protection for gemstones.
  • Affords greater control when reticulating with silver or gold.
  • Comes off easily in warm water-less than two minutes in an ultrasonic cleaner.
  • Recipient of the 2007 MJSA Innovation Award.


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