Marked with a black imprint. Hardwood hubs with equal quality black or white Chungking bristles (depending on availability) almost as stiff as our top-of-the-line blue imprint brushes. All converging except 1E-B and 70E SC. Made in USA.

All with 1/4″ arbor hole for use on tapered spindles.

Note: Brushes designated “SC” have short cut bristles which give a more aggressive brushing action.

Twelve-piece minimum order, please order in multiples of 12.


Style # Type Trim Length Rows of Bristles Hub Dia. Overall Diameter
54E SC 6C 3/8″ 2 1-1/4″ 2″
70E SC 1C 3/8″ 1 1-7/8″ 2-5/8″
72E SC 2C 3/8″ 2 1-7/8″ 2-5/8″
73E 2A 5/8″ 2 1-7/8″ 3-1/8″
73E SC 2B 1/2″ 2 1-7/8″ 3″
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