These flywheels make the most decorative bright cuts you’ve ever seen, helping your jewelry stand out from the rest. Contain natural grade-A diamonds for fast, easy bright cutting. When used with a high-speed rotary handpiece (minimum 30,000rpm), these flywheels can make bright cuts in seconds. Can be resharpened. Have 3mm shanks.



Diamond Flywheels are available in 7 styles plus a Carbide Practice Wheel:

B.  90°
    110° (not pictured)
C.  120°
D.  Flat
E.  Serrated Florentine
F.  130°
G.  150°
H.  Dome
I.  130° Tungsten Carbide Practice Wheel*

* Note: Diamond Flywheels are not covered by warranty. If you are new to bright cutting, we strongly recommend that you purchase a Tungsten Carbide Practice Wheel.  It is the same shape as a 130° diamond flywheel but made of tungsten carbide so you can learn to use a light pressure without risking diamond breakage.

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