Feature premium-grade, high-impact-strength industrial diamonds electroplated onto ten different shapes. This process provides a super-abrasive grinding and cutting system. Diamonds protrude from the bond so only the abrasive crystals are in contact with the workpiece which greatly reduces frictional heat and thermal distortion of the work surface. 

The use of a coolant, such as our Lubricant/Thinner, will maximize tool life. Maximum operating speed: 50,000rpm. 

All are 150 grit with 3/32″ shanks.


A. Countersink 60°
B. Countersink 90°
C. Ball, 3mm
D. Wheel, 6 x 1mm
E. Reamer, 2 x 1mm tapered
F. Solid, 1.5mm
G. Solid, 2mm
I. Core Drill, 2.5mm
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