A tough, resilient, rubberized abrasive utilizing silicon carbide as the abrasive grain in a premium grade, oil-resistant chemical rubber. Its unique cushioned action allows the abrasive grains to cut freely, smoothly and softly without gouging or digging into the work surface.

  • Clean and polish to remove surface deposits.
  • Remove rough surfaces to improve performance, appearance and cleanliness.
  • Ideal for work on jewelry, plastic parts, small castings and models.

Cratex Sticks are all 6″ long and available round or square in 4 color-coded grits: Coarse, Medium, Fine, and Extra-Fine.

Color Codes

Color Type Approx. Grit
Dark Green Coarse 40
Brown Medium 90
Red Fine 120
Light Green Extra-Fine 240


Style # Shape Diameter
046 Round 1/4″
066 Round 3/8″
086 Round 1/2″
6404 Square 1/2″
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