St. Louis table-top investment mixers are user friendly and made to the highest quality standards and manufactured to last! Automatically and efficiently mix and pour your investment in the totally enclosed see through mixing chamber, which is under a controlled vacuum environment. This sets the St. Louis mixers apart from competitive models as this is a real time saver; and it improves the quality of your castings.

Unit has a removable mixing/pouring chamber that can be removed and rinsed cleaned. One-year manufacturer’s warranty, except electric and electronic components that are covered six months. Made in Italy.


  • First step is to place your flask into the enclosed container directly under the investment mixing blades.
  • Next measure your investment powder and water placing them into the clear mixing chamber and turn on your vacuum pump (sold separately see our pump 2652386 OR see our 2651833 which is this size mixer complete with pump and stand) to start the process.
  • Once you have reached adequate vacuum, turn on the mixing unit, your timer and you are done!
  • When the mixer automatically stops, position your flask directly under the valve, apply the vacuum to lower the chamber and open the valve.
  • Finally, turn on the vibration table ensuring there are no bubbles or clumps.
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