These tools feature ceramic blades that debur hard plastics effortlessly while eliminating the fear of cutting your hands or fingers in the process. Blade holds its edge indefinitely and provides complete user safety.

Ideal for curved and complicated shapes. Excellent on ultra-hard resins that defy carbon steel tools. Can also be used on soft metals like aluminum, copper and brass.

Available in 3 sizes:

Large Deflasher (pictured on top) has matte plastic cutter-type handles. Measures 6-7/8″ overall length with a 1-1/2″ long cutting edge.

Small Deflasher (middle) has a fluted, non-roll, plastic handle. Measures 5-1/4″ overall length with a 1″ long cutting edge.

Micro Deburring Pen (bottom) has a 2 jaw chuck for easy blade replacement. Plastic handle. Measures 5-7/8″ overall length with a 3/8″ long cutting edge. Comes with one blade. Replacement blades sold in packages of 5.

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