Cleans your contaminated rhodium bath.

It eventually happens to every plater: Rhodium comes out looking gray instead of white. The usual culprits? Organic contaminants introduced to your plating bath from wax or other stop-offs, electrocleaner or soap, dust or dirt. Once dissolved, these pesky contaminants can’t be removed by sieving or straining.

Our money-saving Carbon Treatment Set uses activated carbon to absorb contaminants so you can filter them out and restore your bath to like-new condition rather than discard it. Includes:
– Activated Carbon
(3 oz. in standard set, enough for approx. 48 one-liter bath treatments; 11 oz. in large set, enough for approximately 176 one-liter bath treatments)
– Funnel
– Treatment tank with cover
– Glass stirring rod
– Filtration tank
– Filter paper
– Instructions
Ideal for monthly preventive maintenance and emergency situations. Excellent for gold plating baths, too.

Note: Will not remove metal contamination, such as that from soft solder.

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