Mitutoyo 500-150-30 AOS Absolute Digimatic Caliper has a measuring range of 100mm with 0.01mm resolution. Includes SPC data output and a depth bar. Equipped with the exclusive AOS sensor technology which is a patented Advanced Onsite Sensor that offers improved measurement dependability by increasing resistance to harsh workshop conditions. Thiscaliper features theelectromagnetic inductive (AOS) sensor providing improved resistance to environmental conditions such as dirt, oil and water that can cause false readings, an increased battery life of 3.5 years under normal operation and Absolute (ABS) sensor that eliminates the necessity of setting the reference when the caliper is powered on. It is also fully compatible with existing Mitutoyo digimatic peripherals (SPC cables, U-Wave wireless transmitters, etc.)and are priced the same as the latest 500 Series ABS Caliper models.

Range:100 mm
Graduation:0.01 mm
Type:Digimatic Absolute AOS
Accuracy:+/- 0.02 mm

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