Carbide burs and drills are known for their particular hardness and the resultant tool life, as well as their cutting capacity. These advantageous properties now also make it possible to economically process materials, which are very hard and difficult to cut (such as platinum, white gold, titanium, and steel). Let yourself be captivated by reproducible results and smooth, shiny surfaces!

Busch AU style carbide burs cut more aggressively than standard carbides. Edges are more precise (making setting easier) and they produce a brighter finish. Available in 90° Hart on this page as well as Round BursCone Burs70° Hart Burs, and in Twist Drills.

Busch 90° Hart Carbide Burs are available in diameters from 0.70mm to 2.30mm (see drop-down menu). Sold in packages of 2, available only in multiples of two. Shanks measure 3/32″ diameter and are marked with a gold band for easy identification.

Please consult ANSI (American National Standards Institute) for speed recommendations. Made in Germany.


Busch® Carbide Burs – 90° Hart, Fig. 414AU
Diameter: Item #:
007 125-5437
008 125-5438
009 125-5439
010 125-5440
011 125-5441
012 125-5442
013 125-5443
014 125-5444
015 125-5445
016 125-5446
017 125-5447
018 125-5448
019 125-5449
020 125-5450
021 125-5451
022 125-5452
023 125-5453
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