Used to introduce electrical current and/or to replenish the metal ions in a plating bath. The stems of all anodes may be bent to hang on the edge of Pyrex beakers.

Copper, nickel and silver anodes are “soluble anodes” which dissolve very slowly in the bath, replacing metals ions as they are deposited onto the workpiece during plating.

Stainless steel and platinum-clad anodes do not dissolve but serve to introduce electrical current into the bath.


Anode Dimensions*
(L x W)
Copper 6″ x 1″
Nickel 6″ x 1″
Platinum-Clad Niobium 4″ x 1″
Silver (fine) 3-7/8″ x 1″
Stainless Steel 6″ x 1″
Stainless Steel “T” 4″ x 12″
Platinum-Clad Titanium “T” 4″ x 12″

* Dimensions given below do not include the anode stem.

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