For an accurate sizing job, you need an accurate finger measurement. What could be more precise than the exact inside diameter and circumference in mm? Each ring in our 4-Scale Finger Gauge is marked with:

  • Inside diameter in millimeters, 13.0 to 24.2
  • Circumference in millimeters, 41 to 76
  • Closest American equivalents, sizes 1 to 15-1/2
  • French sizes 1 to 36
  • Meets ISO Standard 8653.

Bright chrome-plated 2mm wide bands. One-piece construction (no soldered seams) means this Finger Gauge is consistently accurate and won’t break or distort even after years of use. Imported.

ISO Standard 8653

1. Scope and Field of Application
This International Standard specifies the method for measuring the size of rings for the purposes of designating ring-sizes to be used in jewelry.

2. Definition
Ring-size: The inner circumference of the ring expressed in millimeters.

3. Measurement
The inner circumference of the ring should be measured using a tapered ring-gauge (ring-stick) with the following characteristics:
a) length of the measurement scale: 160 ± 0,5 mmb) minimum ring-size: 41c) maximum ring-size: 76d) material: metal, or material with equivalent wear resistance.
4. Designation
The size of the ring shall be designated by the number of this International Standard followed by the inner circumference of the ring expressed in millimeters rounded to the nearest millimeter.

Example, Designation for a ring with a ring-size of 43mm measured in accordance with this International Standard : Ring-size IS0 8653 – 43

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