Very flexible paper with non-woven backing. Easy polishing of interior shapes and contours. Available in 6 color-coded grits. The 400 and 600 grits are silicon carbide. All other grits are aluminum oxide. Each sheet measures 8-1/2″ x 11″.

Sold by the sheet. A 6-Piece Set (one sheet of each grit) is also available.

5 piece minimum. Please order in multiples of 5.


Color Grade Grit Paper Type
Green 30 micron 400 481Q
Gray 15 micron 600 481Q
Blue 9 micron 1200 281Q
Pink 3 micron 4000 281Q
Pale Blue 2 micron 6000 281Q
Pale Green 1 micron 8000 281Q

3M 281Q and 286Q SDS 
3M 481Q and 486Q SDS

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